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Nature Lion by NiaraForever
Nature Lion
Wanted to encorporate watercolor and sketching awhile back
Echo by NiaraForever
Hadn't drawn her in awhile and wanted to draw her in a seductive pose/outfit.
Facing Defeat by NiaraForever
Facing Defeat
Okay, there's a huge backstory to Shape Shifter, but this is an 'ultimate' form that was forced upon her. She uses it to her advantage, but it may not have been enough to save those most important to her.
The Midst of the Battle by NiaraForever
The Midst of the Battle
An idea I drew out with Shape Shifter, it has its mistakes but I like it :)
Tagged by: :iconcipherwolf95:

To start off, pick 10 OCs and write their names below. :D (Big Grin) No looking at the questions first! D:<
1. Niara
2. Amesh
3. Rydince
4. Echo
6. Kiko
7. Rohawk
8. Coral
9. Maya de Noir
10. Clam

Number 6 and Number 10 are going to introduce this meme, as well as themselves. :D (Big Grin)
Kiko: "Welcome everyone! I hope you will enjoy this!"
Clam: "...I have better things to do than this."

Oh no, Number 3 is late! What kept them from getting here on time? :O (Eek)
Rydince: "Sorry. I was too busy saving your sorry asses from man-eating aliens."

You, Number 2 and Number 7 go to the grocery store together. Who is in control of the basket? Do either of them go crazy with the shopping? Are either of them budget shoppers? :O (Eek)

Amesh: "Okay, we need supplies sufficient for an apocalypse!"
Rohawk: "Girly, calm down. It's only the grocery store."
Amesh: "You never know when the world will end!"
Rohawk: "But all these items are going to cost us well over $300!"
Number 1 wants to see a movie and Number 9 wants to stay home. How does 1 get 9 to change their mind?
Niara: "Pleeeease! I...I really want to see this movie.."
Maya: "I can't just simply go out and see a movie. I have duties to attend to."
Niara: *Sad eyes and turns away with a whimper* "Okay..."
Maya: "...Okay fine, you cute little wolf thing."

Number 10 and Number 5 are both in love with you! Who do you choose and why?

Fuuuuh, they're both little knuckleheads! Although, Clam would probably be more tame....but Felix would be fun...Ugh...I-I cant!
....Clam. I pick Clam.

You now are the proud parent of a newborn child, but you have to go out of town for some reason. Who do you entrust with your baby, Number 4 or Number 7?

Definately Rohawk. He has gentleness and responsibility. Echo could very well shut my baby up with some sips of alcohol. No no noooo.

Number 2 and Number 6 are in a fight! What are they fighting about? Do you try to break it up, or will you let them duke it out in peace?

Amesh: "No, you have to show them who's boss!"
Kiko: "Actions aren't always good, especially yours when you're angry."
Amesh: "Actions speak louder than words, Kiko!"
Me: "Guys, stop. You're both adorable. Let's get frozen yogurt."

Number 3 comes to you for help. When you ask what's wrong, they tell you that they are pregnant! Who is the parent and how does Number 3 tell you the news?

Rydince: "Lauren...Um... have some bad news...I might be pregnant."
Me: "-.- Rydince. Please stop getting into the vodka. You have female hallucinations when you get drunk."

Number 8 and Number 1 are dangling a million feet off the ground. Any and all abilities that they have to get them out of their mess are instantly gone, meaning that if they fall, they will certainly die *even if it takes them forever to hit the ground*. Which one do you save and why?
Fuuuh, they're both just so...important to me haha. Niara would refuse I save her over Coral, and although Coral would reject it too, she'd be genuinely scared of dying, whereas Niara is good with an honorable death. So, sadly, Coral. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET HONORABLE NIARA.

Number 5 invites you over to their place. As soon as you walk through the door, it snaps shut behind you and the lights go out. What is your first impulse? What does Number 5 really want you there for?
Me: "F-Felix. I swear to the holy God on high I will hurt you if you scare me."
Felix: *silent breathing from behind*
Me: *flails forwards and screams* "I'M CALLING ECHO!!!"
Felix: *flicks lights on* "I'm sorry I didn't mean it~!

Number 4 is in jail! What are they in for? Are you going to bail them out?

Echo's in jail because she beat the face in of a pervert at the bar. *sigh* I'll go break out the piggy bank for her.

Numbers 7 and 10 are getting married! Will their marriage last? Why or why not?
Clam: "Tell of your adventures. And only the action parts."
Rohawk: "But it's our honeymoon, don't you want to..."
Clam: "No. Tell me the story. And rub my feet while you're at it."
This will last for..maybe 3 days.

Numbers 5 and 9 are making out on your living room couch when you get home. How do you respond to this?
Felix: *grins*
Maya: *jumps away gagging* "I swear it was a dare! The others in the kitchen forced me!"
Me: "...You poor child..."

Number 4 has decided that number 3 is their soulmate. Unfortunately, Number 3 does not think the same. Write about this.
Echo thinks Rydince is just way too badass and needs to be with her now. So they can be badasses together and rule the nightlife. Rydince doesn't like his woman too tough, he likes to be the protector. Plus, even though Echo is seductive in her ways, he's not a fan of canines.

Number 7 gets into legal trouble. Who would be a better representative (lawyer), 9 or 6? How would they do if you were the judge?
Rohawk assaulted a man ho robbed an old woman, quite brutally. Kiko would probably be a more suitable lawyer since she doesn't let emotions effect her argument. They'd win if I was the judge haha.

One twin bed. 4 and 8. What do you do?
Coral: "I call bed!
Me: "Me too!"
Echo: "Get out of the bed before I kick both of you out."
Me and Coral: "Yes ma'am."

Number 3 walks in on 5 and 2 in bed. Reactions?
Rydince: *Walks in*
Felix and Amesh: *Jumps up in bed*
Amesh: *wipes her eyes and sniffles, obviously drunk* "Rydince? I thought you...well then got me drunk in bed?"
Felix: *eyes widen and holds up hands innocently* "Heh..."
Rydince: *death glare and cracks knuckles*

Numbers 1 and 2 are going to see us off!
Niara: "Um... Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot!"
Amesh: "Now go do something fun!"

This was actually really fun ahaha

I tag:
:iconmouthwords: :iconburntfur: :iconkobayashi-maruu:
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